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Your Immune system needs Your Support
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Your Immune system needs Your Support

Is Your Immune System Getting the Support it Needs?

There is not anything available from the medical community to combat this new virus that is attacking the entire world population.  All they can do is supportive treatment, your immune system has to fight this battle alone.

Are You doing everything you can to support your immune system?

Some recommendations:

  • Start with healthy nutrition & lifestyle choices (eat your veggies, don't smoke!)
  • Take your supplements as recommended
  • Make sure your following all the sanitation recommendations 
  • Avoid crowds and practice social distance, no hand shaking, stay six feet + apart.

Here are some great products available from our Nutrilite product line:

  1. Nutrililte Double X
  2. Men & Women's daily pack
  3. Concentrated Fruits & vegetables
  4. Nutrilite Balance within Probiotic  (70% of your immunity starts in your gut)
  5. Vitamin D with vitamin K2 for optimal calcium absorption
  6. Vitamin C Extended Release, which is important because your body does not store vitamin C, taking a large amount just passes through your urine.
  7. Immunity Echinacea
  8. Antioxidant Health to support immunity

Do not let the large number of choices confuse you.  Everyone is different and we are here to help.  My first choice is Double X along with the probiotic for immunity.

If your on a statin to lower your Cholestrol, make sure your taking CoQ10 and Heart Health Omega.

Bottom Line, focus on your immune system right now.  This virus is serious and we are all in for a difficult battle.

Together we will get through this

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Eyal Nachum on Friday, March 20, 2020 7:40 AM
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Reply to comment on Tuesday, March 31, 2020 10:50 AM
Thank you for the information and tips about our body's immunity. Building our immunity, making sure out body is strong in fighting diseases, is important right now - the time of coronavirus, or COVID-19. Hundreds of thousands are infected, thousands have died and we still cannot see the end of this global pandemic. There is no cure, there is no vaccine. All doctors are saying is that we have to observe social distancing and proper hygiene so that we can avoid the virus or if we are infected, our body can fight it.
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