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Beat Depression and Improve Brain Function

Rhodiola Rosea also known as "golden root" is an adaptogen herb

Adaptogens are a group of plants that can help your body adapt to physical, chemical, and environmental stress and rhodiola is one of the most effective in this family.

Rhodolia has been proven to have four major health benefits including:

  1. Burning Belly Fat 
  2. Increasing Energy and Athletic Performance
  3. Lowering Cortisol
  4. Fighting Depression and improving Brain Function

To day I want to focus on number 4.  In today's high stress environment there has been a huge increase in depression and too often doctors put them on anti-depressant medications when there is a more natural solution that avoids many of the alarming side effects that people on anti-depressant medications are having.
Rhodolia increases the sensitivity of your neurons (cells of your brain and nervous system) including two neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine. These two neurotransmitters are known for increasing focus, memory, pleasure,and improving mood.

Many doctors of functional medicine prescribe rhodiola as an effective alternative to     
anti-depressant medications.  This works because rhodiola increases dopamine sensitivity which has been shown to improve mood and also fight food cravings and addictions.

In a clinical trial with 150 individuals suffering from depression, participants were given given rhodolia rosea for a month.  At the end of the trial Two-thirds of the group had full remission of depression symptoms and daytime weakness had also greatly improved.
Also, some physicians have started recommending rhodiola for ADD and ADHD because of it's ability to improve focus.

At TD & Associates we provide a safe high quality sources that comes with a 100% money back customer satisfaction guarantee.  You may also want to check out our Brain Health Omega to further support Brain Health.

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