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How Do You Choose Nutritional Supplements?

Secrets of Supplements

Since research continues to demonstrate the power of a PLANT BASED DIET as the key to achieving optimal health, how do you fill any gaps in your diet that your not getting from the food you actually consume each day? To me the answer should be logical, choose PLANT BASED supplements. 

That means the ingredients of those supplements have to come from a FARM, just like the fruits and vegetables that your trying to supplement.  All the factors required in nutrition are nearly always found in plant substances.

The good news is 68% of U.S. adults use supplements so they recognize the need for supplements and are trying to fill the need.  The bad news is all the confusion on what to look for and how to choose effective supplements from so many different sources, prices, conflicting information on the Internet and lack of regulation in the industry.

The first thing you need to understand is when we get vitamins and minerals from the fruits and vegetables your eating your getting vital phytonutrients contained in those plants combined with those vitamins and minerals. Do not miss this point, those plant substances required in nutrition can only come from a farm.  They cannot be created in a lab or manufacturing plant somewhere.  If your using supplements without these important phytonutrients Your probably not achieving your goal of filling gaps in your nutrition.  They are much cheaper and readily available at many retail outlets, but what's their real value?

Ten Totally Terrific Questions

  1. Is your multi-supplement a plant-based product that includes vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients?
  2. If it is plant-based, is it derived from a variety of plants?
  3. If it's plant based and derived from a variety of plants, does the manufacturer own or control the farms, grow, harvest; and process the concentrates from those plants?
  4. Does the Vitamin C supplement contain the whole plant concentrate, including the associated phytonutrients?
  5. Are they certified organic from the soil and seed up?
  6. Is the disintegration time on the tablet 30 minutes or less?
  7. Does the manufacturer voluntarily adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices from seed to end product and to the Council for Responsible Nutrition for its fish oil products?
  8. Does the manufacturer assay its its entire line for heavy metals, microbiological contaminants and pollutants and desirable nutrient compounds?
  9. Does the manufacturer have published Bio-Assays that I can easily access?
  10. Does the manufacturer publish an ORAC score on it's anti-oxidants that is based on a wide range of Free Radical groups? 

At TD & Associates our products come from Nutrilite Certified Organic Farms.  For more information and access to products go to:

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