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Nurture Your Immune System
The Smoke is Gone!
Immunity Is The Current Focus
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Shopping from Home

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The pandemic has accelerated the shift to direct sales.  People are discovering that's shopping from home is not only safer for their health, but also very convenient, plus saves time and money.  Yes, more consumers, even after this health crisis has passed, will continue to work and shop from home.

It's also very mobile, it does not matter where your at, you can do it all on your smartphone.  Businesses are making the shift and keep adding more tools and benefits for a positive customer experience.

Nurture Your Immune System

Strengthen Your Inner Nature

Immunity is natural to each of us.

Build Your Foundation.

Foundational nutrients help build a healthy immune system.  Fill the gaps in your diet with Nutrilite Double X.  This ultimate multivitamin is power packed with 12 essential vitamins, 10 essential minerals, and22 plant concentrates from every color on the phytonutrient spectrum.

Support healthy blood flow and heart function with Nutrilite Heart Health.  This naturally sourced omega-3 supplement, provides an ideal 2:1 ratio of two omega's.

The Smoke is Gone!

We are loving our New Sky Atmosphere Air Purifier.

The recent wild fire threatened our home, forced a week long mandatory evacuation and left lots of ash and toxic material in our outside environment.  But we are back safe and thankful to the great fire fighters that saved our community.  One of our best decisions was the purchase of our new air purifier.

We cannot control the outside air, but inside our home the smoke smell has been eliminated and we are breathing healthy air.

Some pleasant surprises with this new unit:

Immunity Is The Current Focus

Take Your Supplements as Directed

We all have gaps in  our nutrition and many of you have made the good decision to purchase supplements to fill those gaps.  However, they need to be taken daily as directed to be effective.  Too often a good decision is made to purchase them, but, if they are put in a drawer or cabinet and taken occasionally as an after though your not getting the desired result.  Like everything else, you need to create a habit of taking them daily.  I recommend they be part of a meal.

Sky Atmosphere Air Purifier

This Top of the Line Air Purifier  Expected Availability September 23, 2020!

This purifier is in very high demand and being used in hospital rooms so it keeps getting back ordered.  It's perfect for senior homes or anyone at risk with air quality issues.  On wheels and moves easily from room to room.  Because it does more the cost is higher, but with a pay pal account you can get six months interest free financing.  Anyone wanting one should order right away before it becomes unavailable because manufacturing cannot keep up with current demand.

Where you shop makes a difference

Local Matters

Sunday July 27, 2020 The Press Democrat news paper here in Sonoma County CA, has a great article on how shopping local matters more than ever.  According to the article from American Business Alliance here's how much of your $100.00 purchase stays in your community when you spend at....

        an Independent local store                       $ 48.00
        an in-town chain outlet                              $ 14.

The Timing is Right

Your Very Own Shopping Mall on the Web

Shop Safe, Shop Local.

The timing is perfect to start your own home based business.  Everyone is being encouraged to shop safe, and to shop local.  Avoiding indoor crowds and shopping from your smart phone or home computer is one of the best ways to shop safe.  Plus, if it's from your home based business, your shopping local, and any clients you serve get to shop safe and local as well?

Are you open to different ways to earn extra income?

Right now you can join our Independent Business Owners Association and register your business for just $62.

E-Commerce and Local Business Support

The E-Commerce Explosion

COVID-19 has changed retail forever.  We now know that staying at home is the safest place to be to for our health.  As a result, we now shop from home and products arrive at our doorstep.  Office buildings and enclosed areas can expose us to many more people and health risks, so many more of us shop from home, and more businesses, that can, have employees work from home.

So how can we support local businesses under this new normal?  I think it's an ideal time to start many more home based local businesses, your Amazon purchases do not usually put money back into your local community.

Re-Opening Small Businesses

Taking Steps to Keep Everyone Safe

As businesses are authorized to re-open after "Shelter In Place", some enclosed environments may need to take added precautions to keep their clients safe.  For example, a dentist is working on a client that unknowingly could be exhaling particles into the air that could transmit the coronavirus.  Researches say that the coronavirus can spread in respiratory aerosols, which may linger in the air for an hour or more and floating farther than the six feet commonly prescribed for social distancing.

The Secret Weapon in Fruits & Vegetables

Immunity Comes From Nature

Health starts in the soil, where seeds germinate and a plant begins to grow and draw nutrients until it reaches maturity.  The secret weapon these plants have is the phytonutrients they contain to fight off insects and disease.  That defense mechanism is what makes your daily consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables so important.  Your immune system needs these phytonutrients to fight off free radicals that are attacking your cells daily.

Different plants carry their own unique phytonutrients.

Retail Will Never Be the Same Post COVID-19

Online Shopping is Exploding

COVID-19 has changed shopping patterns and consumer behavior for good.

Are you ready to consider this e-commerce explosion as possible income opportunity for you?

It's bad times like this that new businesses emerge and new success stories begin.
What if, as your doing your own online shopping, a portion of the money you spend could start generating income for you?

Your spending this money anyway!  What if there was a way to use this "Anyway Money" to generate some income, would you be interested?

Your Immune system needs Your Support

Is Your Immune System Getting the Support it Needs?

There is not anything available from the medical community to combat this new virus that is attacking the entire world population.  All they can do is supportive treatment, your immune system has to fight this battle alone.

Are You doing everything you can to support your immune system?

Some recommendations:

  • Start with healthy nutrition & lifestyle choices (eat your veggies, don't smoke!)
  • Take your supplements as recommended
  • Make sure your following all the sanitation recommendations 

The Power of Food First

Focus On Food First

As you work toward achieving optimal health, make sure you have a variety of fruits and vegetables in your diet.  Then choose the right supplements that can help fill the gaps between the fruits and vegetables you actually eat and what your body really needs.

One thing I love about the Nutrilite product line is that they offer different options for different needs and expectations.  But most of all, they are plant based and come for REAL FOOD concentrates.  So you get the vitamins and minerals your looking for, plus the phytonutrients from real food that make them more effective.

The Science of Fighting Free Radicals

What's Your Source of Antioxidants to Fight Free Radicals?

The Wild Fires Are Overloading Your Body With Free Radicals

Phytonutrients, the organic compounds found in fruits and vegetables,are good for you. Science has been telling us that for years.

That's because they act as antioxidants, and antioxidants help your body fight excess free radicals-the cell damaging substances generated by internal systems in our bodies and caused by many of life's everyday activities: poor diet, lack of sleep, sun and pollution exposure.

The Power Of Antioxidants

Phytonutrients, the organic compounds found in fruits and vegetables, are good for you, Science has been telling us that for years.

That's because they act as antioxidants, and antioxidants help your body fight excess free radicals - the cell-damaging substances generated by internal systems in our bodies and caused by many of life's everyday activities: poor diet, lack of sleep, sun and pollution exposure. 

But the latest research on the benefits of phytonutrients shows that it's not a simple battle.


Controlling Your Genetic Expression

What influences your health outcome?

  • Your Genetic's                               35%
  • Health care Providers                       5%
  • Nutrition & Lifestyle Choices           60%

By American Heart Association News

A healthy lifestyle was found in four studies to lower the rate of heart attacks and other cardiovascular events, even in people genetically predisposed to heart disease.

Your The Cure

Fighting Cardiovascular Disease

The fight against our nations number one killer - cardiovascular disease - needs to focus on prevention.  Strategies that detect risk factors for disease and encourage healthier lifestyles are not luxuries - they're lifesavers.

Not being at a healthy weight is a strain on the hearts of Americans.  More than 35% of adults are over weight or obese, and childhood obesity is affecting 32% of kids.  With obesity a leading risk factor for heart disease and stroke, this epidemic is a serious public health issue that must be addressed.

Beat Depression and Improve Brain Function

Rhodiola Rosea also known as "golden root" is an adaptogen herb

Adaptogens are a group of plants that can help your body adapt to physical, chemical, and environmental stress and rhodiola is one of the most effective in this family.

Rhodolia has been proven to have four major health benefits including:

  1. Burning Belly Fat 
  2. Increasing Energy and Athletic Performance
  3. Lowering Cortisol
  4. Fighting Depression and improving Brain Function

To day I want to focus on number 4.  In today's high stress environment there has been a huge increase in depression and too often doctors put them on anti-depressant medications when there is a more natural solution that avoids many of the alarming side effects that people on anti-depressant medications are having.

The Link Between Proper Nutrition and Superior Health

For many years, the medical and scientific communities didn't believe that there was such a direct link between proper nutrition and superior health.

Then nutrition studies came along and we began learning how important vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are to good health.  Through studying disease conditions, results showed that perhaps most people didn't get what they needed from their food choices and became deficient which led to illness.  This is when researchers found out how important it is to eat a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and high quality protein sources to maintain physical, mental and emotional health.

How Do You Choose Nutritional Supplements?

Secrets of Supplements

Since research continues to demonstrate the power of a PLANT BASED DIET as the key to achieving optimal health, how do you fill any gaps in your diet that your not getting from the food you actually consume each day? To me the answer should be logical, choose PLANT BASED supplements. 

That means the ingredients of those supplements have to come from a FARM, just like the fruits and vegetables that your trying to supplement.  All the factors required in nutrition are nearly always found in plant substances.
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