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About Us

Allow me to introduce Us.
I am Tom Nunes,  I was a successful Dairy Cattle Breeder that exported breeding stock around the world.  I focused a lot on balanced nutrition and preventative medicine practices, which taught me a lot about making a positive influence on "Genetic Expression", and as a result, gave me practical experience in achieving high performance and longevity. My wife Dian was a very successful corporate executive that found the more success she achieved the less time and control she had of her life.  We now live in a very active senior living community in Northern California.  Like us, many of the residents here focus on lifestyle choices that lead to optimal health, and they want more time for their family and friends.

We are blessed with good health in our senior years and are enjoying our combined family of nine children that have given us 17 very special grandchildren.  Now we look back on all the changes that life brought to each of us and realize what great learning experiences they all really were, and how so very blessed we are.

The world is a very different place, and the current pandemic may be the biggest challenge we have ever had to face, but we will learn from it, just as we have learned so much from the past.  We know we cannot change the past, the future is the only place we can make an impact. Our past experience tells us optimal health is a choice and every individual has the ability to do so much more.   Maybe we can make a difference for you and your family?

Tom   707-484-6304     Dian   707-483-7414

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