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Allow me to introduce Us.
I am Tom Nunes,  I was a successful Dairy Cattle Breeder that learned a lot about making a positive influence on "Genetic Expression", and as a result exported breeding stock around the world. My wife Dian was a very successful corporate executive that found the more success she achieved the less time and control she had of her life.  Now we live in a very active senior living community in Northern California on the East side of Santa Rosa called Oakmont. Like us, many of the residents here focus on lifestyle choices that lead to optimal health, and they want time for their family and friends.

We first met in the seventh grade and went on to become high school sweethearts.  In our senior year of high school we began sharing goals and dreams of a future life together.  However, what we did not expect was that her fathers company would transfer him to the east coast.  As a result Dian's family moved to New Jersey and my family remained here in California. That was in the late 50's, so travel and communication was much more different than it is today.  I went to College at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo CA and Dian attended College of ST. Elizabeth in New Jersey.  The inability to see each other sent us on different paths.  Dian married in 1961 and was blessed with one boy and three girls. I married in 1962 and was blessed with two boys and three girls. 

After 45 years of no contact we met again at a high school class reunion.  
Long story short, we were married in 2007.  That combined family of nine children has given us 17 very special grandchildren.  Now we look back on all the disappointments or set backs that life brought us and realize what great learning experiences they all really were, and how so very blessed we are.

Now we look to the future.  The world is a very different place, but we learned so much from the past.  We know we cannot change the past, so we are thankful for all the things we have learned from it.  But the future is the only place we can make an impact. Our past experience tells us optimal health is a choice and every individual has the ability to do so much more if they have a positive attitude, are ambitious, and have a hunger for more knowledge.They will find the right mentors, set goals, and will persist until they achieve them.  Maybe we can make a difference for you and your family?

Our Business Model gives us a vested interest in your success.  How can we help you?

Tom   707-484-6304     Dian   707-483-7414

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